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Xinhua News Agency reporter "Chinese network in

25, Alibaba, Jingdong and other electricity supplier companies jointly signed the anti speculation letter agreement, under the guidance of the national development and Reform Commission and other departments, the letter will be included in the behavior of the "blacklist" severely punished "". Net friend said: electricity supplier platform is a good specification, but also a good environment for a good business integrity." There are users expressed concern: new regulations difficult to put an end to the electricity supplier platform ‘brush’, but will increase the cost of business".

under the "double eleven" is approaching, the new regulations, what is the "brush" guest figure? Whether the business will continue to "brush"? "Brush" the interests of the chain can be cut off? The reporter conducted an interview survey.

brush single considerable industrial chain huge interest

reporters in a popular search website to enter the "electric brush", APP software, a single brush brush single website name will pop out, both to brush off, are also provided to businesses. Insiders said that behind all kinds of advertising, a huge hidden interests of the chain; and "brush" to stay at home, easy to learn and paid, also attracted a large number of "brush off".

21 year old Wang Meng (a pseudonym) is a university in Beijing, a senior student, was a brush off.

"I accidentally see strokes in a APP" scalper ", in order to earn some pocket money, hit the phone inquiries in the past; the" Tina "(net) said, just pay 99 yuan entry fee will be able to start a single brush, through Alipay I transferred the money in the past." Wang Meng, told reporters, through the audit, but also need to fill out a "new member recruitment registration form", plus a handheld ID photos.

Wang Meng introduced, little Na pulled him to a voice platform brush single channel. The shop brush a variety of information channels, "brush" members are more than a thousand people, according to the different division of labor, a dozen sub channels, a clear division of responsibility to the people. Experienced brush single handed 498 yuan, you can be trained as a moderator". Moderator for the channel pulled to the 10 brush single, then you can return the money.


" from the first time I brush single ‘channel connected’ work ‘, is a list of 4 yuan reward; "every step of a single brush" to "host", "shots to host" after the confirmation to the next step of work, "Wang Meng said," I follow the process first go to a professional information website, confirm their account is safe; then login shopping site search commodity, browse the goods for a minute, the collection of goods, and the seller of false chat, submit orders; "host" remote control payment, finally to fifteen words of praise and rating, thus successfully completed a single brush. Commission is usually paid to us in second days."

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reporter in Wang Meng to provide professional information website advertising, still sell shopping website account link. Wang Meng said that if you have multiple accounts together brush single, make money really >

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