Micro electricity supplier presale feature line Shopping Carnival mode

in order to meet the customer’s electricity supplier means diversification demand, pig CMS micro electricity supplier recently irritablely on-line sale! The function of what mystery? Please look at the small front to report.


pre-sale, is to stimulate the consumption of businesses in advance of the release of commodity information, and the use of preferential policies to attract customers to buy advance purchase deposit. Pre-sale mode can quickly collect the demand of consumer orders, is the most commonly used electronic business platform, but also the most popular sales model.

pig CMS micro electricity supplier pre-sale function to support businesses from the warehouse to choose the goods for sale. Add goods, the system will automatically get the original price of goods, eliminating the need to fill out the two business process.

businesses can be based on their own marketing needs, set up a deposit, such as 128 yuan of chocolate, as long as the pre-sale price of $68.


in the pre-sale mode, how to effectively stimulate the customers to buy? CMS full pig for businesses to offer the following functions:

1 pre-sale privileges:

· relief: fans can enjoy preferential discount booking. Businesses can fill in the amount of relief, such as 128 yuan of chocolate, after the payment of the end of the month to reduce the amount of $20.

· send Coupons: fans after the payment is expected to get the end of the store coupons. Businesses can choose the existing coupons, or create new coupons.

· send gifts: after the fans are scheduled to pay the tail section, the store will give gifts. Gifts to support businesses to increase their own, or choose to have gifts.

2 initial pre-sale:

shops can set the initial number of pre-sale pre-sale in the background, for customers to create commodity is hot atmosphere, increase customer trust, stimulate customer orders.

Details of the

, the pre-sale period, the end of the payment deadline, the number of pre-sale restrictions, pre-sale instructions, businesses can fill in and set up independently. Simple and easy to operate, easy to use, comprehensive functions, the depth of the business needs of the business fit.

fans are scheduled to be in the page "member center", to view the detailed order, and pay the tail.


it is worth noting that, when the pre-sale has been produced orders (fans have been booking payment), in order to ensure the consistency of the accuracy of pre-sale information, the pre-sale can not be edited / deleted.

electricity supplier model new gameplay, micro CMS micro electricity supplier pre-sale function, go! (this article from the official website of the pig http://s.www.pigcms.com/2016/diandongtai_0303/4648.> CMS

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