GXG Li Shujun O2O has not yet formed is currently only added


I world network operators although O2O spread like a raging fire, but for retail businesses, in order to realize O2O landing, but also need to be user support. GXG business general manager Li Shujun in the era of mobile Internet retail O2O innovation "as the theme of" business thinking in activities, such as GXG brands, O2O is still on.

I would like to talk about my own simple understanding of O2O.

I have three O2O

for understanding: first, O2O is a channel of the supplement, add second points is the customer experience, the third is the supplement of the payment system, retail system for enterprises is a comprehensive upgrade.

for us, O2O can not become the mainstream in the short term, channels. But the concept of O2O, will bring you these four aspects.

O2O is just a channel to supplement

let me explain why I understand it as a channel supplement.

Do you know the

retail, the line is basically have stores, department stores, shopping centers, integrated stores and super terminal, online self official website, the official website, B2C department store channel third party platform and vertical platform, sale platform, its own brand APP. I think the online and offline channels are in their respective experiences, in fact from the world’s first retail has experienced a hundred years of history, the Internet has experienced more than 10 years of history, this situation online and offline automatic formation of such a channel interval.

if we want to do O2O, to understand what is the core of O2O? The core point is open: the first is that between the platform and the merchants and customers to open access, second is the product of third pathways through, is to open up the brand stores and shops, the fourth is the open membership system, the fifth is the wallet open.

so far our brand channels accounted for the current, we now account for the proportion of the online account is 20%, accounting for the proportion of online is $80%. Online does not contain the phone Taobao, we pay more than 35% of wireless payment, PC end to reach 65%.

so I think in O2O, we have not yet been formally successful. If this channel will bring results in the future will not be accounted for more than 5% to 10%, I think this is quite a large number, and to do a good job in the next 3 to 5 years after the O2O can do. Of course, different categories are different.

Four possible scenarios for


line is the experience of customers love will be taken away, and the online experience is through zero distance, the customer is one to many, the way to pay more for a class, in addition to UnionPay card, we will increase Alipay or micro payment, the less of a cash payment. Goods are either merchant shipping or delivery platform.

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