Analysis of six methods of micro blog network marketing

The huge propagation characteristics of

now more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to micro-blog, especially Sina and Tencent micro-blog platform, the two platform competition has become intense, although many enterprises have been aware of the huge marketing advantage of micro-blog, but often because of improper operation led to the failure of the micro-blog marketing method here is the author! Summary of the six micro-blog enterprise marketing, we hope to be able to help


one: the image of the enterprise micro-blog to create

people rely on clothes horse saddle, installed, if you go to talk about business and customer, drove a Mercedes to much higher than a Xiali’s chances of success, and this is the importance of image, so it is for micro-blog, first of all to ensure that the interface is neat and uniform, let the user feel very comfort and trust, so that it is easy to let you out of the ordinary, in addition to avatar, personalized domain name and background settings are very important! It is important for enterprises to micro-blog


two: the information content to be carved

information content is simple, effective, high value, because the transfer of micro-blog information is only 140 words, these 140 words inside to do good product positioning, a clear goal! And focus, can not engage in some simple words to make up the numbers, micro-blog marketing success is to have quality content,. The body, like the roaring style can now become fashionable for a time, the moment has been rapidly spread on micro-blog! So as to obtain micro-blog

network marketing success!

three: a strong fan base as a team

Behind a good

and micro-blog will have a strong team, through their reprint can make the enterprise micro-blog spread rapidly on the Internet, but when the enterprise micro-blog just construction, fans are very small, nature is not up to the purpose of network marketing, enterprises in the early construction of micro-blog, is the most important culture fans, through a variety of methods, to improve the quality of micro-blog fans! Now a lot of people through the search method to find micro-blog, the search is in accordance with the way a nickname, one is in accordance with the time, and it is in accordance with the number of label ranking and fans, in the beginning stages of enterprise operation of micro-blog will, from many aspects to enrich the content of micro-blog, to interact with fans, slowly accumulate fans team! Don’t be in a hurry to eat a fat one, from multiple aspects to cultivate powder The silk team is OK! Will own base tamp!

four: daily a new stimulus, increase the springhead of

if the enterprise micro-blog has been a thousand times, will soon be submerged in the sea of micro-blog inside, only to win the stand head and shoulders above others, more attention, so you have to learn to find ways to continue to stimulate your micro-blog, let more people pay attention to it, in fact, is to find a creative team, the team the creation of micro-blog content, so as to stimulate the user’s eye, nature can make your fans to share


five: interactive enhance micro-blog vitality


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