Rookie network built in East China’s largest super logistics center of Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai 25

from the beginning of July, Hangzhou people in Tmall supermarket orders can enjoy a faster logistics and distribution services. The day before, the day before the announced rookie network, East China’s largest supermarket logistics distribution center was completed and will be officially put into use in July. As the main service in Tmall supermarket distribution center, will further accelerate the aging of the Tmall online shopping supermarket, Hangzhou Jiangsu 25 city can be realized on the Tmall supermarket online shopping day or the next day.

, head of the Logistics Department of

rookie network, said Duan Zhiguo, the largest commercial distribution center in East China is located in Jinhua, can accommodate the number of goods equivalent to 10 or carrefour. BES logistics group, Vientiane were responsible for the warehouse operation and delivery of goods.

the best group has many years of experience in supply chain management. Using a combination of big data cloud computing and automation equipment, BES group launched the "best cloud positions in the rookie network storage center in Jinhua, the warehouse WiFi signal to achieve full coverage, and the deployment of the video fast positioning system, each item can be accurate visual tracking, and was quickly sort out, error rate is low below 0.01%.

The end of the distribution of logistics distribution enterprise landing Vientiane

professional is responsible for the Jinhua super rookie network center. April 16th, the distribution center issued the first package, users from Zhejiang, Lishui, from a single user to the door, less than a day.

"relying on the Jinhua super distribution center in Shanghai, Suzhou, with rookie warehouse, ensure Tmall supermarket in Jiangsu Anhui covered throughout. Among them, the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai 25 city can do the consumer orders, the same day or second days will have courier delivery, and provide free transportation service." Duan Zhiguo said. He also revealed that in the future, this distribution center can also gradually radiation Jiangxi, northern Fujian and other regions.

according to reports, this year will increase in the country’s rookie network density layout Super Center, about 250 more than the city to help Tmall supermarket, covering 25 provincial administrative region, is expected to have 50 city consumers benefit, enjoy the day to buy, the same day or next day delivery service.

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