Years of experience on how to do online shopping mall

2002 contact with e-commerce, all the way to see the rapid development of e-commerce in China today, there are 2 events to promote the development of e-commerce. One is SARS, the other is financial crisis. The rapid development of SARS after Taobao, Taobao has created a large number of waiter, also let shop business people deeply. Subsequently, the advent of the financial crisis, a large number of companies looking to the domestic market, a large number of enterprises to enter Taobao, individual and enterprise supply channels compared to the obvious disadvantages of low cost, individual Taobao shop business history, and online mall in precipitation after a few years in the last 2 years of the outbreak. According to my years of experience to talk about how to do online shopping mall. (with the strength of a large number of direct advertising)

1, a competitive channel or commodity: at present, many enterprises still lack the knowledge of e-commerce market, single category products, specialty products or high-end products market is still a great opportunity, and clothing, cosmetics, department stores and other traditional industries are not recommended to enter. (refer to the Baidu index)

2, the single kind of product to do fine: to determine a core product category, and to do fine. Do fine should start from 3 aspects, one is to provide detailed product information using the mall system, as long as the user search for this kind of commodity related information, you should have a mall and you provide information to make the customer satisfied (can refer to Baidu search and Google keyword search); second in goods display page left to prove competitive goods pictures or words. For example, the price of goods, quality, credibility, features, etc.. Third publicity should be in place, around the product more soft or advertising.

3, do not rush to expand: in fact, the "supporting, this is everybody care for this and lose that" understand the truth, but it is often a mistake. It’s not that the more goods or categories you have, the greater your chances. Unless you channel, price, quality advantage is obvious. If you do not have these, then let your product a certain advantage. For example, books, Tibet mall, mall Jingdong Cordyceps appliances, VANCL’s men, red child baby products…… Although these sites are now integrated mall, but talking about them, we still think of their core products. Products and stores in the industry are well-known re expansion.

4, the accumulation of precipitation mall coming back: one is to control the speed of payment and good customer service, online shopping is not timely payment, customer service and customer service take the phone told confirmation at the same time; accumulation of professional information, attract new customers and new customers service consulting services, more professional product knowledge can retain customers and into repeat.

5, use Taobao stores: Electronic Commerce cannot ignore Taobao and Alipay, Alipay integrated online shopping mall is a must, to open branches in is necessary, just back to the topic at the beginning of talking about the problem – Taobao shop to form awareness has not too easy. The advantages of online shopping mall is actually the need for publicity and property rights

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