Reflections on the concept of 7S in enterprise content communication

the current Internet information explosion, every day a huge amount of new information derived, how to make the enterprise more efficient dissemination of content you, how to get rid of the past thought of writing, no inspiration, mechanically, and randomly disordered release dilemma, in fact there a lot of things.


SEO blog quoted Newswire enterprise content and expand the spread of 7S concept: Story (story / words), Site (official website / platform), Syndication (publish / promotion), Search (search / Marketing), Social (social / mass), Sustainable (continuous / Law), Surveillance (monitoring / warning). The following SEO blog on the 7 dimensions of analysis, aims to provide enterprises with the content of the content of the communication strategy guidance.

1, Story (story / word): a good brand, a successful brand, there must be a beautiful, fascinating story. Making high quality and valuable brand information and content is one of the best ways to improve the user experience. The timing of the brand is to occupy the limited capacity of the consumer mind, such as the combination of multimedia elements with themes such as pictures and videos to enrich the information than mechanical press releases, white papers more efficient and more direct, also need to be reminded of is: to provide valuable information for the user is king! Related articles: three on the basis of a good brand.

2, Site (official website / platform): the official website is the company’s Internet facade, is the starting point and end point of enterprise information dissemination in the network. Now is the era from the media, how to integrate social media content to the official website, increase user stickiness, is worth your consideration! At the same time needs to be integrated into the enterprise website positioning, brand marketing??? In addition, can build other sub brand site, platform can maintain diversity, but there should be difference between the core things must be consistent with


3, Syndication (publish / propaganda): old hold elaborate content become a source of water, without trees in the hands will, companies need to be advertised. And the best propaganda effect than the user to help you share a hundred responses to a single call, and generate new content, which is UGC. So, in publishing and publicity information under the foot, you accumulated contacts, channels and other resources, rich enough? You have to do is to bring information to the fastest speed in the range of spread, and for directional "bombing" to target customers can play a multiplier effect.


4, Search (search / Marketing):SEO is the lowest cost of publicity, should master and use. Such as: access to an endless stream of traffic rely on one of them is the long tail keywords. Of course, SEO is by no means a single keyword ranking, SEO optimization needs to combine with SEM marketing. In fact, Baidu ranking algorithm factor is already quite complex project, is simply to please search cited;

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