Xing Shuai Education said 300 million yuan B round of financing official website information is Oolo

April 7th news, Xing Shuai education in the official website of the home page B round of financing 300 million yuan slogan.

Xing Xing education official website to get the latest 300 million yuan B round of financing slogan

Xing Shuai education official website announcement said, received 300 million yuan B round of financing, Guotai Junan, China Mobile, China investment, joint investment capital canopy.

also said that the B round of funds will be mainly used for online education VR content development.


Xing Shuai education official website to introduce information screenshot

interestingly, Xing Shuai education official of the B round of financing announcement time is April 6, 2016, but its official website information column have "won the 2014 B round of financing" background, confusing.

official website also said that the information, the company is currently coaching teachers and staff team of nearly 600 people, mainly to teachers live online lectures, supplemented by recording video teaching. July 2013, Xing Shuai education A round of financing 15 million. (Zhang Yi)

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