Decoration decoration industry QQ group to promote the sharing of skills

Hello, my name is Zhang Huiling, do network marketing in Xi’an a decoration company at present, contact decoration industry now has half a time, recently notable QQ group promotion, to become the company’s February signing champion, manager asked me to write a summary of the QQ group promotion skills, give you a share in morning meeting.

decoration decoration industry QQ group on the promotion of skills I do the following:

1 need to first collect the cell information submitted, the company leadership and market research team can offer to you, and then are dozens of others or to be the owners group targeted to join.

When adding

2 of the owners group to verify the information more trouble, now the owners group audit more stringent, you can go into the group before the online collection of information in the cell, fill in the corresponding information is submitted or authentication information, fill in the * * building * unit room owners to apply for entry into this group the general success rate in more than 90%. In the first group in accordance with the requirements of modifying the name card must be careful not to, and within the group of owners really write the same building, to avoid the embarrassment of O (a _ U) o…

3 for the new owners, should be the first to build feelings, after the promotion as the main principle. First, and the owners of a mixed face, or even become friends, we will accept your information. Will not be kicked out of the group.

4 insert ads in the chat, we do not have to enter the owners of the group directly on your company’s advertising or promotional information, you need to observe the first, with the owners like to chat to play a good relationship. We can chat, a lot of content to be integrated into the promotion, so that we will not be disgusted, but will naturally accept your message.

, for example, we add the owners group in Xi’an, the purpose is to promote the decoration design. When the group of owners to discuss the topic of decoration, immediately joined the discussion, the exchange of content to share the main. And we share a variety of decoration experience, experience, free to help you develop a renovation plan. In this process, quietly put the information to be inserted into. Even two individuals at the same time to join a group, then the duet in the group, and then attract everyone exchanges, with discussion in accordance with our ideas.

5 group bulletin, group announcement is the most prominent group, the best advertising position. But the announcement only administrators can operate, the ordinary group members may have to use the gold treasure? Certainly method. You can play well and group relations, let him set you as administrator. So you promote a more user-friendly, but should pay attention to what pay attention to control the rhythm, not public outrage.

A variety of tools using

in the 6 group, in the group in addition to the basic functions such as chat, QQ group sharing, space group also has various tools, rational use of these small features, you can make the promotion of the icing on the cake. For example

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