What kind of model to make money easier and less cost


is connected to a "God of wealth: Mobile Internet where the money is," where is the opportunity to make money, before a US big coffee club, he said in the operation had some doubts, seek advice one or two. He is operating the WeChat public number, want to make money through the public number of fans to sell advertising. The whole team is six people, just to start it.

I asked him how much money he was going to invest, he said that only thirty thousand, is to do other projects before the loss of the remaining. He asked me how to make a quick profit, I asked him what kind of people the team members are good at?

and his team of people is basically just access to the Internet or understand a little bit, no experience, no technology at present, also do not know how to add the powder, two editors in charge of the public number four and maintain him responsible for the promotion, but the effect is not ideal, the daily average of two hundred or three hundred fans, is not at present, the public is stable, only tens of thousands of fans. At that time, I was curious, you only thirty thousand dollars why so many people.


he said that because there is no money to buy powder, so rely on human resources, the cost of feeling more cost-effective. I heard him say so, my mind is the first thought the company can live long? Six per month salary, living expenses, rent, fees, utilities and so on, no matter how also will come to more than 10 thousand dollars, thirty thousand dollars up to two months.

we do public number, it is not a matter of fact we want to profit cycle so fast, not do today have income, and take a long time and maintenance of powder suction fans, then find advertisers cash weekly 2 to 3 ad, also said it is realizable slower, but it is the follow-up will be Everfount traffic to sell, as long as the operation is not too bad, but also to the content, it will open rate.

I told him that if I were in the absence of funding into the case, I will try to save money, the largest team will leave a person, the other off, the first suspension of public project, because the project profit is too slow, even sell the powder is not much fans every day.

Why would

off employees? Because these people are not output, but the project did not pass the road, these employees are in negative equity, in your own start-up capital and rarely the case, the first step is to clean up the negative assets, to live, because you simply can’t afford a bunch of people these people, just know some fur, later need not hard to find, free online recruitment can hire, no need to raise. So you have to suspend the project, in the shortest possible time to put the thirty thousand into the first sixty thousand, the sixty thousand into the one hundred and twenty thousand.


to do a project, first get rich. Since there are thirty thousand of the principal, then we do not do this project, the first to solve the problem of money. It doesn’t have much of a thirty thousand, so it doesn’t do any hardware input or other expenses, and put these thirty thousand