Shenzhen sea will visit the cross border electricity supplier training Besteck trip has ended

in August 3, 2016, by the sea organization members gathered in cross-border mierkat Besteck, transformation from traditional learning Besteck factory for three new board listed and the successful experience of cross-border electricity supplier. This Besteck trip is divided into three parts, first introduced by the chairman Xu Xinhua Besteck and answer your questions, then by the personnel director Liu Besteck products and lead us visiting Besteck, finally by Besteck Amazon operations director Hu to solve a practical problem of line.


a, chairman Xu Xinhua share views

1, do the brand, there is no shortcut to speak

chairman Xu Xinhua said that companies want to have a long-term development, we must do the brand, only to do the brand, in order to get a good premium rate and rate of return. Do the brand investment aspects are relatively large, and there is no shortcut to what, only one step at a time, leading to a lot of people are not willing to do the brand, but this is the only way to have a future, especially for the factory, only OEM will do more hard work. Of course, trade company is the same, with more and more factories set up shop in the Amazon, to trade the company’s survival space is also reduced, a few years after the goods on Amazon search keywords, row in the pages of most will be factory.


2, to understand the forefront of consumer pain points

Xu said that the core of F2C, is to do a short supply chain, directly facing the terminal, the increase in profit at the same time, can also be clearer what consumers want, according to their real pain points to the design and development of products. In product development, must not rely entirely on engineers, to give to the engineer advice, but also through adequate market research, because the general enterprise R & D personnel do longer, more self, professional enough, but the width is not enough, sometimes with the market gap.

engineers care about the parameters, consumers care about is the feeling that consumers are not able to feel the parameters, so only into the lives of consumers, in order to do a good job, but also to impress consumers. In addition, the company’s research and development of products can not be successful for every one, most companies do 3-5 products can be successful on a good, this is a probability problem, each company can not avoid. Before the release of the new Apple Corp, will also do several styles, and ultimately choose the best one, such a large company like this, so we do not need to be too demanding.

3, the product should not copy the original

although compared to the previous Amazon into the seller, and now enter the advantage will be smaller, but not too late, as well as the opportunity to do amazon. For 1-2 years to lay a solid foundation, clear rules, make good products, the official will recognize you. Products must not copy, to their original, because the company once formed a copy of the product system and atmosphere, >

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