The new system of the layout of the remodeling of a hundred responses to a single call e commerce ne

IResearch survey data

third party research institutions show that in recent years, the number of network operators optimistic about the future of e-commerce, market differentiation, business search competition began to heat up, has become the impact of electronic commerce in a torrent.

as the first to enter a hundred responses to a single call B2B vertical search, from the beginning of 2003 04 years of investment in R & D, has officially launched 08 years to run, the channel market revenue total revenue reached 120 million yuan, the agents has exceeded 300, with its rapid pace of development has attracted widespread attention in the industry. At the beginning of May, launched the "honeycomb" a hundred responses to a single call action plan for the Internet channel launched the expansion make snap action, break the channel status in recent years, almost dead calm.

since ancient times "the channel to get the world", the deployment of the national channels a hundred responses to a single call for a new round of investment plan according to the strategy, on the one hand to the national recruitment channel agents, the agents to join a hundred responses to a single call again this year to improve the threshold, the agent must have a certain team size and the requirements on products and improve a hundred responses to a single call agent, for the first time agents to join prepayments and other demanding requirements. Nevertheless, every application to join agents or in a continuous line. On the other hand, large sums of money to support high-quality agents. Strive to produce all the high quality agents in the provinces and cities of the core agent.

as the entrepreneurial enterprises, firmly take the channel development route of a hundred responses to a single call is not without reason, take the direct route, although rotary funds but it is difficult to quickly, quickly spread. The target is a hundred responses to a single call in the major city featured 300 high-quality development agents, with hundreds of agents for 08 years, the overall layout of the agents to complete network. Dispatched by the huge channel network, to provide services for SMEs, to help SMEs to accelerate the use of electronic commerce. A hundred responses to a single call to solve some practical problems faced by many small and medium-sized enterprises in the financial crisis. (cloud


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