The redefinition of tradition and transformation in manufacturing

2014, a factory and migration, the rapid expansion of commercial real estate and residential areas have the production factory surrounded by a rat in a hole. However, a city construction planning just relocation, another reason is the factory pollution of the atmosphere. He also became a member of PM2.5’s many contributors, environmental protection departments can only put it with the chemical plant row to a queue. After the move, although it is at the edge of the city site, later will still struggle in this contradiction between pollution and people living on the rumor that this time the factory moved up to no more than ten years, and the first factory moved away from this time is 8 years.

there is a saying called "Kaoshanchishan, saying" that is the possibility with resources to do more successful. In the absence of the mountains and the sea where manufacturing is difficult, all the production of raw materials required for production to foreign purchases, in addition to the human, the cost will be increased greatly, so that the enterprise does, but will be a development of the local government’s attention. First proposed this factory can survive and continue, mainly because of the economic policy caused by the three line of the city, the traditional enterprise especially the manufacturing industry is still the backbone enterprises in second tier city below, is a major contribution to local economy, to a short time to make such a business interruption control is not possible, this is local enterprises are not good because of the transformation.

is simply a case of a private chemical plant. Perhaps the situation is to say that the introduction of a town through a number of investment projects in a chemical plant, and then regardless of the consequences of the chemical plant built in a few villages. Because of the extremely serious pollution, local villagers repeatedly reported, then the plant stem forced all the land for several villages near the factory, but not to give the villagers corresponding subsidies, chemical plant work provided by the local villagers and the two sides have been unable to adapt to this contradiction, was intensified a few times and violence. The local government turned a blind eye on the past. A reporter once past photos, allegedly arrested after a meal beaten, and hands is not business, but the local police station, the plant has yet to solve the problem.

look at the country, such as the lack of social responsibility of the enterprise is not only a house, this can not blame the enterprise, sustainable development on decades of mostly blind, such enterprises are by local governments because they are sheltered, general taxpayer, to improve relations with local governments at all levels. But then again, even if such enterprises can create benefits, the macro-control in the relevant state policies, can do a few years? Even if they are shot for a place to experience again and again three to repeat this set is not a sure card, to continue to consider how to optimize development the enterprise, or how to transition.

whether it is large, medium and small enterprises, because of the development of the city, many are facing the problem of moving the factory, companies tend to actively docking with the government, taking into account the relocation program refinement and work

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