A variety of online payment channels competition

users are aware that there are three well-known payment they are financial, Alipay, PayPal (pay-pal) etc.. This is where Alipay coverage rate is the highest, most widely known, but a quick money CEO out that electronic payment not only these.

CEO a few days ago the media interview said, the current users have distorted the meaning of electronic payment, there are some risks investors in this industry, that is the "PayPal electronic payment mode". He thinks it’s time to make a redefinition of electronic payments.


is defined, all aspects of electronic payment has been covered in human life, it not only has the market range of people online trading line, also including the business enterprise informatization, and the electronic commerce field at present, will also penetrate the steel, machinery manufacturing and other transmission over the domain, but not business, now public utilities charity, fields have. At the same time, he also believes that, including credit cards, debit cards, online payment gateway and all other non cash and bill payment, should be called electronic payment, which is to define and implement the central bank, also stressed the "fast money payment".

and the United States compared with the United States, the credit payment system 30 years before the establishment of the United States, the current retail market through almost all electronic payment, and the contrast Chinese has not been fully established, the system, but the CEO is that it does not become the cause of the development of the electronic payment limits.

the development opportunity of the current payment market is now China has gradually moved from the cash economy into the era of electronic economy. This time there will be significant structural changes, which include infrastructure, infrastructure applications, value-added services and other related industries. These industries will provide great space for the future payment industry.

current traditional enterprise electronic payment is very cold, the most important thing is not found suitable for traditional electronic payment industry program. Each industry regulations, payment will be different, an industry market will not change its own law and adapt to the development of electronic payment, so the system must be an electronic payment method for traditional industry development, it is not easy.

finally, the CEO showed the research data. 07 China’s total consumer goods in the year of 890 million, GDP is $25 trillion. In the same year of electronic payment market turnover of 100 billion yuan after the first two sets of data is pale into insignificance by comparison, generally visible. His analysis, electronic payment market space is very large, and to expand the space, but also the need for consumer habits, pay attention to safety aspects.

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