Do the same thing with the least money

recently wanted to register a.Info domain name, but see a lot of sites, to at least 200, when Taobao wants to buy other things by the way I search a bit about domain name information 68798, then check the domain name.Info note have only 12 yuan! This is too cheap! "I spent 12 yuan to find someone a note.

I looked at Taobao to find someone to note is generally to the owner of your domain name with his own money, the owner in the foreign website account to help you to register the domain name, the same, you have to register an account on the website abroad, then the owner then registered the domain name to your account registration! "The foreign domain" prices are generally cheaper than domestic registrars! But the domain name management platform is generally English (there may be other languages).

someone is note because the owner of a credit card, can give the foreign website account charge money, and you do not have a credit card, you can only find someone to note! If you have a credit card, you can also open a note generation domain name shop to make money.

hope to help some webmaster.

said I registered the domain name it! website named China webmaster information network! Welcome to visit!

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