South Korea 2016 cross border electricity supplier export first super beauty class or large imports

Yonhap reported, a report released on the 3 Korea National Statistical Office, 2016 South Korea cross-border electricity exports to 2 trillion and 282 billion 500 million won (about 13 billion 570 million yuan), an increase of 82%, imports amounted to 1 trillion and 907 billion 900 million won, an increase of 12.1%. This is the first cross-border electricity supplier exports exceeded imports.

data show that cross-border electricity supplier exports to China grew by 210%. In cross-border electricity supplier exports, exports to China accounted for 78.4%. Analysts believe that, thanks to the recent online duty-free shops favored by Chinese tourists.

In addition

, sub products, cosmetics cross-border export amounted to 1 trillion and 635 billion 800 million won, an increase of 230%. Household appliances, electronics, telecommunications equipment imports grew by 37.2%, the largest increase.

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