From the Taobao store was forced to shut down to see the Taobao pat behind the story

Taobao and pat are C2C shopping platform, domestic famous popular then, between what is and what kind of story? Who will own experience in writing, so that we can understand from this experience.

a few days ago, I received a letter from Taobao rather baffling to the official mail, mail as part of "Dear members: Hello! For Taobao to verify your account security risks, may have stolen, so temporarily on your Taobao account supervision, supervision period: unable to login website, want to the purchase and release of goods…"… At that time did not understand what the problem is, to re activate the account, in accordance with their tips but invalid, then I call the Taobao official, gave me the opening process.

just the day before yesterday, I received an e-mail, which is not the general message, the message title for punishment notice, in order to confirm the authenticity of this message, I will publish the full text. Mail the original "Dear member, this Taobao told you because of a violation of " sale ban goods punishment rule " be punished. Limit the results for the creation of the store for 7 days to remove the store. The penalty start time: 2009-06-01 14. If you have any questions at any time, and Taobao customer service center good? Honesty, happy to see the transaction, customer service center, Taobao ^O^ rules service center: service hotline: 0571–88157858 Fax: 0571–88157828

this, I found a small shop, I in the Taobao open, products are all mailboxes (domain name space are the same and product information), and small shops have more than two years of history, how suddenly to my head on a "crown unwarranted" charges. Very puzzled, also very angry, called the Taobao official, they said I should not have appeared on the website information, I asked what information is yellow? Sensitive political issues? They do not give a positive explanation, that there is indeed a little angry, then I ask, Taobao customer service said, you think, you the shop is not the announcement, some of the things. The idea came, I think I notice the content is generally said to provide domain name registration, virtual host, enterprise post office, intelligent, website design and other services, ha ha, the key out of the question, I think this say we do not have any doubt.

because the day before yesterday, I apply a shop in the pat (, because it is a newly opened shop, see Pat was I, can import other shops need a credit, is generated in a pat on the background of a section of code, in the shop he is a prominent position, some web site URL, with paipai, ha ha, estimate >

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