B2C has entered the logistics speed war stage

dangdang.com days before in the field of electronic commerce and B2C initiated a "lightning plan" and the speed of logistics. From April 6th onwards, dangdang.com in a logistics center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou seven city officially opened the delivery day, these users in the city the day 11 points before successfully submitted orders, in addition to other large group purchase orders, 70% can achieve single day, same day delivery". The same day coverage of a hitherto unknown.

can not be denied, Dangdang move will make many B2C e-commerce companies feel difficult to adapt. Has not come out from the price war, Dangdang to accelerate through logistics center, commodity warehousing and logistics joint open platform construction work, improve logistics speed, speed of launching a war, recognized by consumers. This is the high point.

first, the improvement of the logistics system, the number of users to win, the quality is much better than Baidu advertising income. In March, we are concerned about Dangdang halt Baidu advertising. Since April 1st, Baidu officially stopped all advertising and search in the launch, which relates to the relevant costs between the two companies tens of millions of yuan. At that time, some people commented on the practice of Dangdang lack of calm, the loss of a lot of traffic. However, Dangdang on the one hand to take this money to start a price war again, for users. On the other hand to do the most basic work – improve logistics speed.

Dangdang vigorously building a logistics center, to increase the coverage of the next day, the day of service, goods storage and logistics to carry out joint construction of an open platform, expand the service coverage of city home refunds, namely dangdang.com logistics service system is a comprehensive upgrade, this is called launched the "lightning plan" the speed of the root of war logistics.

CEO Li Guoqing as dangdang.com had said, "will be more willing to save money for consumers and improve the shopping experience of customers are more willing to invest capital lay a solid price war and war service, such as the launch of the day service, improve the packaging of goods and so on, these inputs will enable us to get a better user word of mouth." Facts have proved that the money saved Baidu advertising to save money, to get a better reputation after the user, the user’s growth to gain far more than through Baidu advertising. At the same time, this part of the user based on Dangdang good service to get far more than the price of PPC advertising.

secondly, logistics speed war to enhance the level of e-commerce competition. Back to the point of view, Dangdang speed war in line with the direction of the development of e-commerce industry competition. Over the past several B2C e-commerce giant competition more price war. But the price war belongs to the low level of competition, B2C e-commerce logistics system and other infrastructure construction due to insufficient, excessive price war is often at the expense of quality of service, resulting in a large number of orders delay, caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the user’s influence to the development of the whole industry.

now, Dangdang lay the foundation, logistics response speed >

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