How the electricity supplier winter winter

electricity supplier in 2011 this huge market for entrepreneurs excited, some even found vertical business opportunities, this year is the Internet industry business capital outbreak year, accompanied by capital fanatical pursuit, whether it is a comprehensive platform, B2C mall, vertical B2C, or traditional brands and three party payment companies, the logistics company, providing solutions and services of the company and other industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises and for the electricity supplier, has been a strong push of capital. Although all aspects of e-commerce seems to be in the capital of the rapid development of care, but the problem also lingering.

2012 is the electricity supplier industry died a year, many electricity providers money burned into the capital, dysfunctional state. Many aspiring business, beginning with broken halberds defeat, frustrated. And some never leave the public eye. Especially in the third quarter, this is the harvest season, but the electricity supplier has entered the winter. The tide, layoffs, financial storm continuously closed down, check out the electricity supplier this year: after Matt, poly mesh products, cool days,, Gaopeng, red child, these electricity providers have experienced financing, finally declared bankruptcy or inventory, or by other electricity providers to acquire. Behind the huge potential of the electricity supplier industry, bearing more challenges, burn every household appliances are vulnerable to the pain, therefore lead to more rapid business industry reshuffle.

iResearch CEO in this regard, Yang Weiqing’s view is that "business industry is indeed facing a lot of problems, but this is the winter capital, the electricity supplier industry in the winter, and this is also the competition of the watershed." Although this year away a number of business enterprise, but the third quarter of this year China network shopping market scale has reached 197 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 11.5% over the previous quarter, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 73.4%. It can be seen that the annual growth rate of e-commerce in China is more than 80%. From this series of data point of view, to the survival of the electricity supplier played a needle agent. It can be seen that the electricity supplier needs to make a platform to make a profit, but the field can also rely on operations to avoid price competition, non standardized products more and more popular. Network behavior to form a community, the purchase of an organic part of the network life. After the successful test of water to build festival marketing, industry development planning is the focus of each electricity supplier companies need to consider.

2011 electricity supplier financing is very easy, but after a year of operation, the electricity supplier financing is not difficult. Investor enthusiasm for the electricity supplier industry has cooled, burn electricity supplier consciousness is ingrained capital investors, patience is less and less, investment has become more rational. In fact, for the development of electronic business model is not difficult to find, the electricity supplier industry is the logistics industry is the main part of high growth in the past by burn, the huge loss of return is actually more foam. At present, small and medium-sized enterprises need to practice internal forces in cash reserve, optimizing operation management and other aspects, and further improve the structure of advertising, improve the level of control costs and conversion. In addition, inventory management should also be optimized to meet the 2013 half of the inventory pressure test, for the

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