Baidu encyclopedia game website promotion experience

always heard that SEO, network marketing is more and more difficult to do. Indeed, with the popularity of network technology and lower the threshold of the site, so many people, the search engine is also smart, it is more and more difficult to get a huge flow of Baidu from the portal site to get traffic. This tradition only Baidu search site, also began to direct traffic to its own websites, ah ah, the Encyclopedia of Post Bar huge flow. But everything is not inevitable, traffic are concentrated in the individual large sites, in fact, is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as you can to try to adapt to the era of mobile learning, web site rules, understand and play to understand, you only need to learn these things stand, can achieve great results flow.

, such as Baidu, post bar, know and Wikipedia are holding a huge flow, how to effectively use is worth exploring. The following is my wise remark of an experienced person:

1, Baidu encyclopedia how to promote the actual effect of


I use their own new site tour China ( to carry out the practice of this article. Made a recent popular mobile game Baidu encyclopedia reference, as well as the creation of two new mobile game Encyclopedia page. Practice flow of words every day can increase ranging from tens to hundreds of IP from the popular mobile phone game page, new game page words occasionally visit, about every day dozens of IP.

this is just a simple flow effect, Baidu encyclopedia links have an impact on the ranking is not yet known. However, according to Baidu’s practice, the link will certainly have an impact on the weight of wikipedia.

2, Baidu encyclopedia how long through the audit?

this is not certain, first of all depends on the complexity of the editing of your Wikipedia page. And there are references or make up the data link of the chain of the audit is relatively slow. In my case, there is no link to add a simple editor, took only a few minutes to pass the audit, but the chain of the page is spent an hour before the audit.

for everyone to focus on the hot page editor, the audit will be relatively strict and a long time.

3, Baidu encyclopedia how to audit?

first do not add the simple addition of the chain and there is no advertising content editor will not have the basic situation.

followed by the chain is recognized by the Baidu website, the editor is also very easy to pass. For example, data from large sites such as sina.

and if it is a new web site as a link to the reference material, please ensure that the original content and edit Wikipedia pages from your web page content.

be sure not to submit an editor in the event of an edit conflict, in which case only the previous version has been rejected and it may turn out to be your version

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