Analysis of the importance of existence to marketing through examples

why China Telecom like China Mobile and the earth people know why companies spend huge amounts of money to do advertising, this is not entirely wasted? For what? This is a problem when I last time chatting with a friend to ask me. That’s what my answer was very simple, three words: presence! My friend felt very Speechless, don’t use hundreds of millions of money to buy a present, these companies are known to every family, completely unnecessary. In fact, the more the more well-known companies need to always remind users of their presence.

in the mobile Internet gradually dominated today, a lot of people are always stressed that based on micro-blog, WeChat and other emerging social tools marketing model is our must do. But in my opinion, the new model is the Internet industry we have to understand, but these so-called universal mode is only some of the marketing company in order to go to a new fudge excuse of small and medium-sized enterprises, and is also a new multimedia topic, so these topics so fire up. So a lot of hands-on experience with friends think that in many cases the so-called mobile internet marketing and now very hot O2O mode is just empty talk. In today’s Internet, many of the so-called celebrities, just good mouth only, so no actual successful cases, even if they are written in my eyes just how sharp, fellow, all speech is feeble. Of course, I am not a complete Internet practitioners, because I only work part-time, there is an internet project is to employment in our local talent network Zhenjiang station recently, and I had just opened this site soon there are numerous so-called professional marketing mode to invite free to listen to their teaching. I am a very loving person, so I have been to. Then I summed up, in fact they are a routine, start out all kinds of successful cases, such as Ma and his Alibaba, he Chang and his Huang Taiji, then there is a big push finally brainwashed, is to let you have a sense of crisis, and they will give way to let you eliminate the sense of crisis, of course this must be the charge; this is similar with those of fortune.

Why can I share this "presence"

today’s value, this is not just me through various cases analysis, as I say, I am a realist, I think the experience is qualified to speak, because I think a lot of basic research needs of Internet marketing unlike the natural sciences.

you know that this kind of marketing messages now, for this we publish information for marketing to the receiver is spam. And now I want to talk about is not who sent the message to me, but I used to text messaging marketing, it is said that I was how to provide services to me with that person contact. Do a lot of people have such an experience, that is, some people will be linked to the sale of text messages to us, generally through the free communication tools such as QQ, because free, so the cost is relatively low. That person is this

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