Wang Jianran soft Wen is the best way to promote the site

Wang Jianran: soft Wen is the best way to promote the website

— for the selfless figure king

a few days ago to see the map of the king, King: why do I encourage writing soft Wen, greatly inspired. Why inspired? Because I have been trying to find a webmaster website search from independent development path, did not expect the graph king early have experience, and selfless dedication. On behalf of many webmaster here to thank the selfless figure king

, good ah!

hands-on practice, and found that the effect is indeed unusual. I made a website with billion dollar domain, haven’t flow promotion, most concentrated in the channel for this play, and flow, let the site has commercial value, will focus on the development of the home page, or let Alexa Rankings look better. Every day to write more than 3 articles, of course not scribble, but summed up the previous thinking things. After writing, published in my blog and a number of other sites, a few days later, kaobi world Alexa Rankings from 300 in case of a sudden jump to the top 443424.

came to the conclusion that the soft is the only way to survive and develop, it can be said that the best way to promote the website.

, of course, is not any soft Wen can achieve such good results, good soft Wen to meet the following four points:

1 soft is useful to the Internet users, help to solve the problems and difficulties of Internet users, at least to give users a new point of view. This article reproduced rate is high, people like to see.

2 soft Wen to be published in the right place. When the gold is buried in the earth, its chances of flashing are quite low. So, to find their own way, to produce. For example, the webmaster network webmaster China such a place for the title of the article published.

3 soft Wen to be able to lead the topic. The tone of the soft or low-key life or death, high-profile, in short, intense, to let people excited to be able to make people dance (popping comments on the keyboard), not like the white boiling water.

4 has not been summed up, there is a better idea of friends, please go to and the author exchanges, work together.

write soft this method is good, the problem is to have something to share, with a good idea to write out, compare the cost of time. I intend to take a break, take time to experiment under other promotional methods. I have the advantage of developing software, the next step under the batch delivery ways, the Alexa ranking from 443424 to three, from 3 million to 400 thousand in a week, heard that the increasingly difficult to improve the ranking, not afraid, I will spend more time and spend time on January ranking to improve.

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