Central network letter office Fan Xiaowei to crack down on nternet food rumors

, Beijing, May (Xinhua) (Fang Weiqing) in the Internet and the development of new media technology today, accompanied by the network rumors are constantly breeding, and gradually upgrade. Among the many rumors, the food industry has become the hardest hit by rumors, "milk beverage containing botulinum, ham sausage containing nitrite, strawberries contain carcinogenic pesticides"…… These rumors through the spread of the virus to the consumer has brought trouble, but also to the enterprise has brought huge losses.

in order to combat food rumors, purify the network environment, and create a healthy network of food safety environment, in May 26th, Xinhua launched the theme of "2015 network security to combat food rumors" seminar. The relevant government regulatory authorities, industry associations, food enterprises gathered around the source of the rumor, harm caused by, should be how to identify and deal with issues such as food rumors started a lively discussion, to discuss the effective ways and measures to prevent and combat Internet rumors.

the seminar was the central network information office, the State Food and drug administration, the State Administration of quality inspection, the Ministry of agriculture and food industry association, China, China Wine Association, Chinese Institute of food science and technology, China beverage industry association, China non-staple food circulation association and other units support.

Department: a multi pronged, heavy regulation

central network information office deputy director of bureau of social network Fan Xiaowei said at the seminar: in order to better network wide spread positive energy, network information office many times under the heavy regulation of Internet rumors, fully reflects the clear attitude firmly against Internet rumors.

Fan Xiaowei pointed out: "to do well against Internet rumors of food work, we suggest that one is to mobilize, the two is to focus on cleaning up, three is to strengthen the guidance, the four is to timely rumor, five is to crack down, the six is to perfect the mechanism. I believe that through the joint efforts of all sectors of the community, we will be able to create a conducive to the healthy development of the food industry, a food network environment that can be trusted by the masses."

currently, many hot issues of food is not really due to food safety incidents, but due to the consumer and the scientific truth between the information vacuum caused by misreading, misunderstanding, false belief.

, the State Food and Drug Administration propaganda division deputy director Shen Jingwang at the seminar said that the newly revised "food safety law" will establish the most severe punishment system, focus on the role of play.

Shen Jingwang stressed that food safety is a complex system engineering, at present our country food and drug industry, huge volume, safety management level is improving, but the fundamentals are still relatively weak without change, risk caused by food safety problems still exist. This requires the government departments, the media and the community to work together to enhance the governance of food safety, and promote the formation of Suntech, law-abiding social cohabitation pattern.

Jin Fazhong, deputy director of the Agricultural Products Quality Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture of

, said that 90% of the food people eat in China is agricultural products

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