The 2011 day why nternet quickly collapsed

if the past can be repeated, we change a Li Shanyou, Ge Binbin and Xu Maodong look forward to ending, so we have one more about "values, determination, firm and indomitable spirit can change everything" business "legend", obviously this is not necessarily a good thing since.2011 in the past, but I won’t come back. Those who want to defeat in 2011, the record of entrepreneurs can not be reconciled, even absurd humiliation stories should be recorded, leave this record, while we can often relive those "legend", but also ready to wait for them to change an appearance in a month of a year again.

Ku6 video network: lost his wife and fold soldiers


is a successful entrepreneurial story? The enterprises get listed (even curve) even if it is successful? From the cool 6 memorabilia and founder of Li Shanyou’s lecture, apparently. Probably as follows:

· June 1, 2006, cool 6 network company, Li Shanyou carries 2 million yuan, "the dream of how high you can fly high",

started a new journey!

· July 17, 2006, cool 6 online line test run, which was founded in the year of the last more than and 200 video sites on the line, who did not know it would be the first listed.

· March 2007, cool 6 network and Baidu reached a strategic cooperation, to provide video services to support Baidu, the powerful combination of a new video format. Baidu also strategic investment Cool 6, to help cool the year to become the fastest growing video site.

· May 2007, cool 6 network first round of financing in place, access to Germany and Germany and the German capital of $10 million investment, the creation of a 13 day financing myth.


· June 5, 2008, cool 6 network to become the first video license to obtain SARFT issued a video sharing site, began to lead the private video website industry. Over the same period, cool 6 network to get a sum of $second investment, adding a number of UMC, SBI and other investors.

· August 2008, cool 6 network to join the CCTV network, the Olympic Games in 2008 to become the exclusive video on demand partners, to cool the flow and influence of the 6 network greatly enhance China’s top video site.


· November 27, 2009, cool 6 network officially joined Shanda, and Hurray merger listed, thus becoming the world’s first listed video website, is the 2 since the start of the first listed site, the initial realization of entrepreneurial ideal.


· 07 2010, 18, a number of the third party authority

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