Mom will see her tour webmaster heroes team

"eat all by Rob, communication by roar, safety by a dog" this a few words table the language reflects a team of people, and the work is very busy, but very focused! Ali mother’s 100 day is like this! Today, I finally stand in this young battlefield, please give me a ray of love, today I will go to the victory of the distance…

      Ali’s mother’s team song, listen to the people can not be forced. Mother’s 100 day, every day in the singing, more drama is the mother of the general manager and staff together crazy, to the downstairs aunt to the point of the complaint. This can be seen, their leaders and employees can play a push, there is no barrier, prompting the motivation of employees, more relaxed and happy work. We want to listen to this song can go to

      Ali mother team are not all elite, remember Ma Yunceng said, today’s Ali mother, we do not want to use the elite team. If only the elite together certainly do bad things. We are ordinary people. Ordinary people together to do something extraordinary, this is the team spirit."

      webmaster is very ordinary, webmaster do also ordinary webmaster, do what is for the station, is nothing more than a mixed flow, earn a living, they do the station’s purpose is to do CEO, do it for the money.

    Internet today, all over the street are also a large number of advertising alliance emerged, then most advertising and deduction of webmaster wages, born in this case of Ali mother!

    Ali mother is typical: ordinary people do extraordinary things, and the most important thing is that Ma will be defined as the personal webmaster community: not trivial. Several features of

1. mom
2. low threshold into let sellers themselves, give full autonomy
3. advertising revenue payment limit
4. everyone can become buyers
5. to obtain the reputation, quickly gathered hundreds of millions of webmaster
6. trading double side direct trading, program providers
10. Ma
9. make it transparent and some forums and blogs with community stability webmaster heart
8. Qinliqinwei, moved the world

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