The filing system is the main reason for a large number of websites without bad record

to the webmaster of the record of the total although a bit inconsistent, but the conflict has not come to your country have risen to record mobile phone pornography is not to the point of execution. Really do not want to have the record has been moved to the host abroad.


website did not record the consequences will be grievous: 1) does not mean the site does not record "illegal", at least it is illegal to the laws of your country; 2) does not record the operators do not allow access, there is danger of off the server, or even the whole room is directly off.

since it is so serious, why not record it?. 05 years since the site has been shouted not to shut down all. N has been shouting for years. The real answer is: do not want to, is not allowed to record!

1 a unit or individual can only record once. The Ministry of the record system in the actual registration of a valid certificate (identity card or business license) can only be registered once. In other words, if you have previously filed a web site, then today if you do a new site, there is no way to record. This means that from the Ministry of industry to launch the filing system to the present (at least 5 years) you can only have a website.

2 site record information once submitted, can not be modified. Although the record system in the first registration can be filled in a number of sites, but has been submitted can not be modified. So want to add a website, add a domain name what is impossible. However, according to the requirements of the Ministry of the two domain name is also the need for the record, but it is clear that no one’s site in the construction of the site began to plan all of the two domain names. Take a look at how to take the two CCTV domain name record operator bite.

3 has been submitted to the information will be inexplicable failure. For space providers, server access provider is a reason for the failure of the record information. Web site can not always change operators. A space station, a large room is often the case. However, after the change, the website of the original information access to the chamber of Commerce to cancel your access provider information. In theory, it is now necessary to fill in the new access information in the filing system. However, there is no place for the record system to find access to add access to business information. In the filing system background, click the "input", "record your information has been submitted, no entry!"; click "cancel the registration", suggesting that "your information is not awaiting access verification stage, cannot undo record!"; in access to business information, do not see any of the add button.

4 does not record the site space providers are not access; however, there is no web site can not be filed. This is so in theory, but the actual implementation of the audit as the audit staff and whether the site can not open, what is the content of the site. So there are willing to be your space provider virtual access providers, there is no site can also be filed.

5 "say" is the main reason why there a lot of illegal filing website. On the one hand, the regulations say that all operating sites must obtain ICP licenses

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