Webmaster friends To do something for the disaster area

state by this disaster, earthquake inverted wall collapsed houses, people lives in an instant subduction ruins, schools, houses are spared. The news follows the devil, more than 10 thousand death. Tens of thousands of silent blood pain, life and death! Death! As a member of the webmaster, really is the heart of the unspeakable pain, only for the dead compatriots bowed in silence, difficult to donate some money to victims of love! Hope webmaster friends, please use our website to do something for the disaster! A donation link! Let more people donate


also hope to the webmaster friends, can respond to Admin5 webmaster network call rely on the power of the network with a majority of netizens with donations, a contribution, the warmth of a family, send a truth, light a hope. Our hearts are together, is a love of the dam; our hands together, is a love of the the Great Wall! Let us take action, to lend a helping hand, gave their love, money money, there are things out, and let the affected people stand together through storm and stress, we join hands to and hit people hard times, a love you will stay forever in the hearts of the people in disaster areas


I do not only produce donations:


this is Taobao donation link http://s.www.taobao.com/onefound/1jijin.php

for the first time in the webmaster nets post! I hope my love can be released by the king!

or send a list of my site advertising it! Http://s.77425.cn/vod/kan.asp? Dz/5882 if you think it is AD please delete my website!

webmaster friends! Please use our website to make some modest hit!!!

it’s 4 in the morning! It’s time to go to bed! ~

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