Time difference study market Taobao innovation where

Overseas study service

time network introduced a new role, information communication problems solved by "overseas students".



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"I hope you can become a foreign service website" Jiayuan "." This is Xu Xiaoping said to our decision to invest time dimension in the network if the financing negotiations took only 50 minutes, the time for a cup of coffee, Xu Xiaoping after listening to our business ideas in the founder dimension excited, even when the investment decision.

time network is a website providing overseas service, set up a "mature platform for overseas study consulting push + + professional adviser senior task reward intervention", "overseas students" role set in the business model, currently has more than 700 overseas students. Angel investment has been completed, A round is also basically completed, Xu Xiaoping with the vote, and intends to provide some educational resources.

why would you want to do this business?

2009, servicetek Cornell University in the United States when he was reading, chairman of student union school Chinese she is a typical 80 Beijing girl, very lively and talkative, in order to accumulate performance, assembled a student online chat room, so has the will to study domestic and foreign students and students can communicate directly, a year down the hold more than and 30 events, hot spot, up to more than and 100 people online at the same time, the chat room was paralyzed.

even so, she has never been to this public action and business opportunities, until the domestic intermediary to find her, I hope she can undertake some of the more professional study materials outsourcing. Although the graduation has entered the Wall Street investment bank work, in early 2011, the Secretary returned to Beijing, intends to continue to engage in the study of business.

where is the innovation point


can be time network business model and "taobao.com" this kind of platform are compared: the fair involves three participants, the role of the user is shopping users, overseas students is the role of the C2C shop, and the intermediary role is like the Taobao mall. Services related to the study of basic consulting, overseas students to offer a reward, please study abroad intermediary evaluation, etc..

overseas reward is the earliest time senior network on-line function, it is equivalent to the "student chat room" and "materials in application outsourcing services" integrated version.


servicetek trading platform compared to domestic insurance, students can according to their needs, to meet the conditions of the overseas direct search site in seniors can also throw; task, let students find to meet the conditions of the overseas direct domestic students, students from the seniors in the selected bid candidate with the bid. At the beginning of the establishment of the time difference, the Secretary of the company through personal relationships, invited dozens of overseas students, these students on the Internet is called the "consultant", they will fill in the data

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