Click the network Cup web space dream essay hot start



"click on the network essay contest by the webmaster nets ( and click on the network ( jointly organized. The purpose of the contest is to display the talent of the webmaster, open the operating thinking, pay attention to the security performance of the website space, strengthen the selection and maintenance of the website space. The theme of the tournament is the website space dream"


"click on the network" is Xiamen Xin click network technology limited company with internet service brand. Xiamen Xin click Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet application services to the operator, the company has a senior technical experts from the industry, excellent management and service personnel in the operation team, successfully created and operating system platform has tens of thousands of business users. As the Internet application service industry leading service provider, click on the Internet to pursue "Internet service experience, innovation" is the enterprise tenet, the constant pursuit of leading technology and service leader, a model leader in performance leading development goals. At the same time actively expand consumer application service market, using high density server array, free service system to build the country only for "domain independent user", became the first to provide free cyber source provider of domain name.

and then click on the network and the first in the industry put forward the "virtual host 30 days unconditional refund" commitment.

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