Hundred nets and MSN to build Chinese recruitment channel transition job search engine

May 21st morning news, MSN China and hundred Bo today announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will work together to build MSN Chinese network recruitment channels, and by the hundred percent responsible for the content and operation of the channel. According to reports, the cooperation is mainly involved in the depth of the recruitment of the product and product level interoperability two aspects.

new MSN recruitment channel positioning white-collar, content locking collar recruitment information and white-collar workplace information, will also launch a series of third party tools and services in the future, in order to enhance the white-collar workplace. The channel launched the original intention is to create a focus for white-collar workers, fine, the focus of the job candidates information platform.

in addition, the two sides will open the platform through the MSN connection, users can directly use the MSN account login hundred nets.

At present,

is the transition from the traditional mode of recruitment website to search engine. Official data show that there are currently 10 million jobs online. In addition to cooperation with the Chinese MSN network, the hundred Bo network is also in full swing to promote cooperation with many human resources third party sites and institutions.

hundred Bo network president Han Xiaoming said that the future will be further open hundred nets, and more human resources website to achieve strategic cooperation, to achieve a hundred percent, users and partners of three parties win. (Shu Shi)

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