Ylmf open source operating system interface fine imitation Windows


ylmf launched self-developed operating system


technology news morning news on December 25th, the anniversary of the dissolution in the studio when ylmf ylmf team, officially announced yesterday formally launched the "ylmf operating system (Ylmf OS), the default interface integrated Windows classic theme, which is re turned to the last team launched the first self-developed software products.

according to official reports, in December 24, 2009, is the first anniversary of the dissolution for the studio, and the Ylmf OS system release, is to commemorate the first anniversary of the official dissolution for the studio, especially this version of the interface for a fine imitation of the classic Windows theme.

, according to official statistics, the Ylmf OS Ubuntu version 9.10 based on custom, remove not commonly used software package, increase Chinese language pack, increase the most commonly used software applications, and integrate OpenOffice3.1 office software, can open all MS office files.

September 2009, ylmf announced in late August at a price of $99 thousand under the two letter domain name of rare successful film — XP.com, the domain name has been pointing to the official website of ylmf.org.

December 26, 2008, ylmf development team released a public statement, announced officially disbanded in December 31, 2008. The statement said, "the reason" is dissolved in many aspects based on "after careful consideration of ylmf studio management", "regret to tell you". After the dissolution of the studio, ylmf is no longer on the open source operating system (Windows XP, Vista is such) technology research, with independent research and development based software products.

A survey of 167 thousand people was launched in Sina

technology, for the market share of 8.33%, according to this, there are about 8 million computer installed Windows XP operating system version of the wind.

in December this year, the media reported that the accumulation of wealth after the recent ylmf will also establish its own office building for responsible Lai Linfeng said that the environment is not the most important, but good office environment can give us better creativity and passion.


ylmf Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2005, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, 114 of its existing customers, 115.COM, ylmf, green and other sites to download.

The following is the official website of the

Ylmf OS

issued a message

is a global financial tsunami in 2009, after a year and a thousand things wait to be done, China software city "

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