Part of the local network is expected to buy the network is expected to achieve profitability in 201

according to the voice of economic reports, group purchase industry in 2012 to achieve 20 billion yuan scale, this is the vice president of the U.S. Wang Hui Wen gave judgment, he said there is confidence in the growth in 2012 in an interview with reporters, he said, the U.S. mission network in the business model has turned to the local service. But some experts think, the local service class group purchase due to the low profit margins, the future still remain uncertain.

handle bleeding stranded on the market, the whole group to buy the industry in a sensitive and depressing atmosphere spent in 2011. Capital market, businesses have begun to cast doubt on the future of the industry, the pace of investment has come to a standstill. But Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission network is still optimistic about the development of the market in 2012, he is expected to achieve 20 billion yuan this year, the market size.

Wang Huiwen: the continuation of the basic situation in 2011, we believe that by the time of 2012, consumers and businesses have no reason to have such a huge change in attitude. We predict that there will be a good growth in the whole industry in 2012. 2012 in the capital market, we do not dare to do too much judgment, the capital market has always been affected by many factors. In 2012, we believe that in this market ranking should be very stable, between different enterprises becomes more and more clear, so we think 2012 come out one year.

March 2010, group purchase website fast, industry after the evolution law of the jungle, now surviving website, business model has been divided into: some emphasis on local service group purchase, real is strictly controlled within 10%. While others want to make the mall, as early as last March, the handle network claimed self logistics, and covering 10 cities within a month. But Wang Huiwen believes that the local service class will be a competitive weapon in the future.

Wang Huiwen: when the local service is for the logistics to say, the local service is to go out of the consumer from the home, out of consumption, and logistics is a single consumer sitting at home. We sell the goods we sent him to his hands, so we call the local service e-commerce is not the home of e-commerce. This is a blue ocean market, so we focus on our main experience in this regard.

But the

group purchase navigation site 800 co-founder Hu Chen was analysis, local service group purchase domain is not a gold mine, which hides a lot of risk, profit margin is an unavoidable worries.

Hu Chen: from the list of business registration and registration, localization service to a lot more than the online shopping category, from the margin of view, last year the localization service competition, the profit rate is less than 10%, while the online shopping class due to less than the price, so for example clothing and cosmetics category can reach 30%.

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