2014 online education outbreak over 60 Ma Lei hit heavy financing

according to Analysys data show that in 2013 Chinese network education market reached 89 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 18.6%, forecast 2014 Chinese online education market will reach 109 billion 620 million yuan.

financial weekly trainee reporter Wang Siqi / Shenzhen reported

online education over the past year to continue the outbreak of the 2013 outbreak, becoming one of the most popular investment projects. Not only there are a number of investment institutions, the influx of capital, BAT giant also aimed at a piece of meat and potatoes.

reporter incomplete statistics, in 2014 the annual online education investment and financing cases more than 60 cases. There is no shortage of billions of dollars of investment. In addition to the traditional education industry, investment institutions and listed companies are giants involved, Carnival stir.

DCM investment partner Lin Xinhe also said in the opening issue, online education will also be favorable for the project next year. But at the same time, the field is also facing the risk of bubble breaking. Despite the danger, the refraction of the beautiful light is still attracting a group of people to enter. So, what are the characteristics of online education in 2014 and what are the new trends in 2015?

performance is outstanding, the market sought after

last year, a good education market. From the results of the earnings announcement, the United States listed a number of educational institutions generally showed an upward trend in performance. The language class of New Oriental Education Institutions, occupation education institutions of the science and technology as well as the main K12 education a good future in 2014 third or fourth quarter net profit growth of more than 50%.

, a net profit of $28 million 200 thousand for New Oriental fourth quarter, an increase of 73.4%; the technology of the third quarter net profit of $11 million 600 thousand, an increase of 86.8%; the next fourth quarter net profit rose 125.1% to $19 million 300 thousand.

according to Analysys data show that in 2012 Chinese network education market reached 75 billion 630 million yuan. 2013 China’s online education market reached 89 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 18.6%. According to the first half of 2014 the size of online education, online education Chinese Analysys also predicted in 2014 the market size will reach 109 billion 620 million yuan, or up to 19.2% growth.

continues to expand the size of the market and the positive results of listed companies to strengthen investor confidence. According to WIND data, 2014 annual online education sector investment up to 24 cases, an average of up to two months. According to reporters incomplete statistics, this data is not all, the annual investment of more than 40. In the first half of this year, online education investment cases have reached more than and 30.

in these cases, a large part of the angel round of investment. As the market is optimistic, online education products are endless, entrepreneurs launched products to compete for funds.

, according to incomplete statistics, last year, the angel round of investment

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