Ylmf Win7 exclusive package won power and no permanent enemies

Pacific computer network software channel exclusive news, for a major cooperation agreement with Microsoft China Chinese: the future of mainland Windows 7 system will be unified by the wind responsible for packaging and sales, for Microsoft to become the only authorized partners Chinese system package.

, the name is "wind" for Guangdong Computer Technology Co. Ltd. Founded in May 2005, the registered capital of 10 million yuan. For the wind, you should not feel strange, the rise of the XP operating system, operating system and wind par tomato garden.


you remember for


but when the tomato garden for breaking the law and suffered a devastating blow after the wind dropped out of the "third revised version of the operating system of the stage, began to transition, has launched the XP operating system using the Linux system simulation" (click on the official website).


have you used this kind of operating system?

              Microsoft Win7 ylmf: no news to impart the right package

              Win7 was authorized to enable xp.com ylmf synchronization domain

              editorial: the current ylmf and Microsoft official said, ylmf said is about to get win7 exclusive license, Microsoft has not denied and exclusive cooperation ylmf. From the start xp.com win7 ylmf open authorization information approach to analysis, the two sides should have. Probably is ylmf win7 authorization but not exclusive, with progress to be more news release.

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