The latest revelations WeChat 6 1 beta version of the news shocked the world is hot topic

( A5 station network January 8th news: WeChat 6.1 beta version of the experience is still in progress, according to insiders revealed WeChat division "Wu report" said that "this is a news shocked the world, is still all confidential". So what is the news that shocked the world?

industry celebrities Qin Gang revealed a "hot topic" of the application in the QQ space, I do not know whether the world is shocked by the news? A "hot topic" is the introduction of "popular articles" is for everyone in the circle of friends to share the number of statistics, selected 10 popular articles, this can increase the common the topic among friends, thinking and discussion (because of each circle of friends is different, different pages of popular articles Oh ~). Circle of friends can not only search a friend to check the time line of the message, but also to search for popular articles and friends comments. See the following figure:


beta version of WeChat


old version of WeChat screenshot

The old version of the WeChat

and WeChat function comparison, 6.1 beta version of the new "hot topic" function, for this function, Xiaobian some expectations, we do not know whether you and I also have the same feelings.