Zhou Hongyi 360 search reasonable share is 15% 20%

Zhou Hongyi (Sina pictures)


Author Tao

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visited Zhou Hongyi on Monday and @sylvieluk, talking about the 360 search decision-making process, technical means, specific strengths and future direction. Can I borrow 360 weeks old words search, "technology is not perceived, not worse than others can flow, yes, finally we are in pursuit of more than others more clean, more real, not excessive commercialization. We do this is a traditional, formal search, the only possible subversion is the user experience, more respect for the interests of users."

Q: why do search search? What is the Qihoo 360? (how? Do the decision-making process before and after the


A: we do search, not from the layout, the height of the industrial chain to think, to think about the layout of the light, the user may not be concerned about, or from the user’s point of view. We are the earliest search and Baidu and Google cooperation, bring traffic to them, but in the last two or three years, especially after the withdrawal of Google Chinese, our default search at Google, users are not stable, ordinary users will complain the browser is not good. After the withdrawal of Google, China search market is actually to a single large, users have no choice, users complain very much, and we have so much traffic, this is not a chance, if we go to do a search, some criticized the problem may be through the way to solve the competition.

this is a very important starting point for us to do the search, but we were able to do the search, there are three reasons:

, a technical threshold: the need to search some technological barriers, our team, from the very early and Baidu rivals, including YAHOO help did a search, with the earliest Qihoo also want to do community and search. So many years, this team has not lost on the accumulation of search technology. At the same time in the market, sales, channels, are done, and now to help Baidu, Google to do these channels of sales, many of which I was established. From the understanding of the search, we have.

you know there is a lot of Google out of the technical personnel, we have recruited some of the team, also mentioned some new technology, to sort rank including the use of machine learning methods, rather than according to the rules. But I think it is not winning, in fact the search technology is not a fundamental change in the past ten years, may be a little better than in the past, but not impassable.

two, flow & Channel: with the technology, there is no reasonable flow, can not do it. No flow can not be improved, can not be commercialized. In the past few years, we have trained users on the browser and web site