Danzhou is a famous website hacked by loss of one million yuan was escorted to Beijing

live in Danzhou wells village "80" Zengmou (born September 1989) several times through the Internet, enter the headquarters in Beijing a well-known website illegal, tampering the website of the customer information, the site caused economic losses more than 102 yuan. July 5th, in Danzhou City Public Security Bureau police station under the assistance of the East, the Beijing police will Zengmou arrested.

it is understood that from January this year, the headquarters of a well-known domestic database in Beijing was a number of illegal intrusion, add or modify customer information, resulting in the site’s economic losses of more than 102 yuan. In March this year, after receiving the report, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau for investigation.

in July this year, after careful investigation by the police in Beijing found that Zengmou a major crime suspects. Information feedback to the Danzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police station after the East, the higher level of the deployment of the net action, Zengmou investigation. July 5th around 3 in the afternoon, the received reports from the masses, said that in the big city Yang Song KTV entertainment box to play in the 315. Director Lin Yingming immediately arrange instructor Xu Shaohua immediately led to the arrest. Arrived in Yang Song KTV Entertainment City, after confirmation of Xu Shaohua, who will be arrested.

today, Beijing police have sent people to Danzhou, tomorrow will be returned to Beijing for a trial. (reporter Lin Shuxi)