CANN may be approved today for pornographic web site Xxx domain name

June 25th news, ICANN (Internet name and digital address distribution agency) plans conditionally approved.Xxx domain name. .xxx is the controversial top Internet domain name for pornographic websites, which was first proposed 10 years ago.

The ICANN board of directors may approve the domain name on Friday,

ICANN’s general counsel John Jeffre said at a public forum during a meeting in Brussels on Thursday.

ICANN’s decision was made in spite of opposition from some members of the adult entertainment industry. Some members of the adult entertainment industry came to Brussels this week to lobby against the proposal.

this decision also means that ICANN may be able to avoid the support of.Xxx domain name ICM registered company’s legal action. ICM registered company has hinted for months to sue ICANN.

ICM registered chairman Stuart Lawley said he was cautiously optimistic about the approval of the ICANN board on Friday.Xxx domain name.

although the approval process has not yet been completed, the.Xxx domain name is now closer to reality than ever before.

pornography Trade Organization, the United States freedom of speech and the industry’s famous people (such as Larry Flynt) has been opposed to this domain name. They say that the domain name will make pornographic websites subject to censorship.

ICANN’s Jeffrey said that due to the efforts of ICM registered companies in financial and technical capabilities, the board may approve the.Xxx domain name. Then, ICANN will negotiate a contract with ICM.