Nora more than 300 employees severance pay involving more than 1300 yuan

Nora more than 300 employees severance pay Shenzhen

on 7 November, after the 260 million yuan huge fines and legal representative and general manager Wang Xin was arrested, concern Nora checked the case recently renewed turmoil: the beginning of the end of October, more than 300 customers started a petition Joint Staff severance pay talks.

generation of "playing artifact" encounter the staff pay talks, staff pay talks move by netizens questioned work jurisprudence illegal nature, our employees pay talks is legitimate? The Internet "gray space" risk who should pay for this reporter launched an investigation?.

generation play artifact suffered employees pay

in April this year, Shenzhen Nora Technology Co., Ltd. was reported to be suspected of dissemination of pornographic materials, Beijing city public security organs to set up a task force to investigate the case, and the freezing of funds Nora account. August, Nora legal representative and general manager Wang Xin was arrested outside the case transferred to prosecutors to prosecute the case.

June, Nora dismissed all employees, the company stopped operating. Pay employees said: the employee’s monthly wages and statutory damages has not been issued, involving more than and 300 people, the amount of $about 13000000.

"to pursue these income, we first conducted by Shenzhen Luohu Labor Arbitration Commission, and then to the Shenzhen Nanshan District court for enforcement, the court verdict is Nora employee compensation for compulsory execution, for a period of six months." Staff representative Mr. Pan told reporters.

however, due to both criminal and civil cases, these payments have not been successfully cashed. Because of the company account involved in criminal cases did not thaw, we can only pull the banner of the city center in Shenzhen pay talks, hoping the government to speed up the progress of processing." Mr. Pan said that the employees were dismissed pregnant women and lactating women, as well as graduates, they did not have much savings, the urgent need to pay as soon as possible.

"from the judicial practice, criminal cases prior to treatment, the civil case therefore, immediate payment of wages the existence of certain difficulties, but also need to go through the criminal case acceptance form to clarify and define the relevant specific interests, and then develop specific payment scheme, the company account thaw." Zhongshan University law school professor Liu Heng explained.

users questioned: illegal business, employees have the right to discuss salary


concern is that some users of our employees pay talks reasonable question, "Nora staff when I do not know your company is doing yellow video website? If a sexual services Bath Center was closed, the staff dare so please pay out?"

in this regard, Liu Heng believes that whether the existence of the illegal business units, please pay is the natural right of the legitimate rights and interests of employees, employees should be supported, and in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China Enterprise Bankruptcy Law", if Nora enter bankruptcy liquidation, the legal wage of employees should also be in administrative fines.