There is no end of the argument P2P barbaric growth regulatory deposit black hole

intern reporter Zhang Xianan Beijing reported

July 10th, by the first financial and Financial Research Center prepared the first annual report of the P2P lending services industry – China P2P lending services industry white paper 2013 (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) released in Beijing.

white paper shows that by the end of 2012, more than 200 P2P loan service platform, the platform can be statistically P2P online loan balance of nearly $10 billion. And if the next line of business to speculate, P2P business in 2012, the cumulative borrowing scale between 50 billion -600 billion. P2P industry annual growth rate of more than 300%.

to P2P as the representative of Internet banking, although the volume is still small, but has become a financial innovation can not be ignored in the power, the same can not be ignored is the attendant risks.

"the existing financial supervision system there is a certain lack of supervision, supervision departments must be clear as soon as the existing regulatory responsibilities, both inclusive innovation, and to ensure that the regulation in place, at the same time to adapt to the Internet financial market has the characteristics of cross industry and cross the obvious." Director of Chinese people’s Bank Financial Consumer Protection Bureau Jiao Jinpu stressed that "the period of regulatory gaps also called the gap period, more prone to problems."

industry barbaric growth

white paper in 132 P2P lending institutions selected as a sample of the 21, the size of the industry statistics. Data show that the 21 platforms in 2011 the overall turnover of 1 billion 3 million yuan, the annual turnover in 2012 reached $10 billion 413 million, an increase of nearly 10 times the size of a year. And this data does not include offline business.

for the line of business and the transfer of creditor’s rights represented by the letter P2P mode, white paper, said: a rough estimate of the amount of transactions reached in 2012 P2P more than 20 billion yuan."

"white paper" also references the British "Financial Times" in October 2012 reported that, as of that time, the letter should have been more than 50 thousand investors and 250 thousand borrowers, total lending transactions to -30 billion dollars in 2 billion. And this data is almost 21 times the total turnover of the platform 2 times. The letter should be publicly available data show that in 2008 -2012, P2P business letter should be increased by 300 times.

regulation has not yet reached the P2P industry, showing the explosive growth of a powerful force.

due to the rise of Internet banking, financial institutions have undergone tremendous changes in the format of a number of new financial institutions are emerging. The original exclusive financial institutions credit, has become a thing that can be done, including the internet." Guotai Junan Securities Limited by Share Ltd chairman Wan Jianhua believes that the trend of Internet banking, financial companies and Internet companies, there have been acommunity pattern. The new concept of a number of Internet +