Easel based on the browser page design tools to quickly create product prototype page

many Internet entrepreneurs entering the mind may have a lot of ideas, but could not code and user interface design, there is no way to get these ideas show fast fast. YC’s startup, Easel, takes note of your point of pain, and introduces a browser based WYSIWYG Web design tool to help you and your team quickly create product prototypes.

Easel is the most important feature of speed and collaboration, it supports multiple simultaneous online editing. Although compared with the powerful desktop design software is not perfect, but the tools provided by Easel can also help users to design a desktop, mobile or tablet browsing the basic site. It is used as intuitive as InDesign editor, but still allows beginners to quickly use.

another convenient feature of this tool is the ability to create elements, such as a combination of text boxes, graphics, or tables, and it is easy to copy and modify. At the same time, the control panel is equipped with a set of buttons, forms and icons, can be used directly drag and drop. You can also create a library of their own commonly used tools, so that the use of faster.

in addition, the user can also be imported through a Chrome extension of the existing HTML and CSS files, and then edit it. Well designed pages can also be exported to HTML and CSS files. If you are worried about the idea into a Web page, you might as well try Easel.


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