Cai Wensheng wrote to the Jiangsu 09 station talks promotion and profitability

The first Jiangsu

webmaster grassroots party "2009 Jiangsu station cum Jiangsu (Nanjing) Internet Forum (500 scale) was officially opened on 11.7 in Jiangsu, Nanjing University in Nanjing science and Technology Museum, the largest annual event in Jiangsu area was well-known webmaster guests from various national recognition. From the current application situation, just half a month has exceeded more than 200 station sites for registration, in mutual promotion of the site also has more than one hundred, the current enrollment is still hot in the annual meeting of special group accession number also exceeded more than 200 people, and more grassroots participation in.

the meeting has also been well-known webmaster guests from all over the country to congratulate, including Hua Jun, hooligans, refusing to swim fish, Zhuang Liangji, Cai Liwen, Wang, figure Zhu Mingyue, Fan Qing, Qian Yu for the 09 annual meeting of the Jiangsu station message, for the conference have expressed their congratulations at the same time, with the theme of the conference is to talk about their views, many guests also put forward advice to the conference, the organizing committee have benefited. As the circle absolute heavyweight 265 founder Cai Wensheng also on the conference attracted enough attention, the day before accept a simple interview conference organizer Yanhuang old K, but also for the 09 Jiangsu station will send his message.

The origin of the

Cai Wensheng cited the current fire of the entrepreneur, the introduction: China’s Internet is the most underrated figure, it is worth all entrepreneurs to learn from the example. From the traditional cross-border business to the Internet, what is his grassroots violence he had surplus? Single-handed, seize the about one hundred thousand Internet domain name, the total valuation of more than $100 million, he had never graduated from high school, English is rotten, but the website sold to Google, has become a large number of VC’s guest, he is the first angel investor, investment website how are the hottest companies, tens of millions of dollars level he and another super webmaster do 4399 game sites, is likely to be more than Chen Tianqiao made the first "platform operators". How can Chinese webmaster which do not know his


Cai Wensheng in exchange for the first time the 09 boss will congratulate Jiangsu stationmaster, also mentioned repeatedly visited Nanjing, impression of Nanjing is very good, also know that Nanjing has many well-known sites including 8684 mentioned, the theme of the conference is "on the road to profitability website promotion of the website that Cai Wensheng" the promotion or to the user demand, do not too much money, and when the user reaches a certain size, profitability can be reached naturally. In the identity of the expert opinion on the conference when he pointed out: the main control is to let the guests speak, speak, speak more to say, say no good time. Do not have any guests have no effect on the arrangements. He also provided the grassroots webmaster relevant suggestions, to tell the truth, now rely on one person to be tens of millions of traffic to the website is unlikely. It’s hard to succeed by one.. You need a team. I say that thing, is to let you know, at the beginning of things are more difficult, but you have perseverance, what can do. >