Stationmaster net broadcast 56 Network to the Sohu WeChat Yun OS version of the fault behind the rel

1 lottery treasure financing $30 million has protected the Pinyin domain name  

October 21st hearing, it is reported that the network lottery betting business platform lottery treasure completed 30 million yuan A round of financing, the official website of the domain name

lottery treasure belonging to the Beijing full-color era network technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2013. Lottery treasure official website domain name to enable the lottery plus the first letter of the treasure, the combination of Pinyin domain name, in August 18, 2013 formally launched operations, and in 2014 released a mobile client.

According to the "

China whois information query, lottery treasure domain name holder for full-color Time Inc, to access the domain name to jump to the lottery website treasure.

2 news network 56 $12 million 900 thousand to the Sohu insiders said basically true  


news October 21st, something that micro-blog @ Internet through micro-blog claimed that 56 net $12 million 900 thousand sold to Sohu. Currently, the 56 Network, Renren, Sohu official did not give a reply, TechWeb call the 56 Network CEO Zhou Juan, the other is to hold a meeting on the grounds of the phone hung up. TechWeb to verify the relevant stakeholders, the other said the message is basically true.

data show that the 56 Network was founded in 2005, since its inception has been to adhere to the positioning of video sharing, copyright video competition in the white hot stage still adhere to the UGC and PGC strategy. 56 Network since its inception has access to Sequoia Capital, Heiner Asia, Disney’s steamboat ventures investment. October 2011, all the company to $56 acquisition of a wholly-owned network of 80 million, but after the acquisition of Renren, the development of the network did not make a significant breakthrough in the 56.

according to sources, the 56 Network this year has been seeking to sell. Previously, TechWeb has reported that 56 nets will be sold to mango TV, the two sides did have contact, but ultimately did not talk about.

3 Sora Aoi do its own brand underwear electricity supplier, what inspiration?  

Sora Aoi a few months ago intimated to homemade brand underwear, May, the binding of the Spakeys brand "series" limited starting soon sold out. Sora Aoi can do it (brands), other stars do? Sora Aoi can quickly sell 528 pieces of underwear, she can sell 52800 pieces or more? "Star" brand products to do its own thing, reliable or not reliable, can not be generalized. In fact, it is not so much Sora Aoi original underwear brand, rather than the operator with the help of the existing underwear brand marketing Sora Aoi. Look at what Sora Aoi’s underwear experience brings