WeChat Taobao barcode scanning experience scan code such as a thief


text / Gu Xiaobo

in August last year, WeChat 5 with barcode scanning and other functions, caused the rash and too much in haste, the WeChat O2O continued to guess, at the same time, Taobao, Tmall, Alipay and a fire menacing, some analysts said WeChat and Taobao’s war will lead the O2O revolution, a great impact on line shop.

half a year later, WeChat has embarked on a commercial road after the game has been little mention of the matter, and Taobao has not emphasized the scan code function.

scan parity parity looks like a very beautiful function exactly how NetEase technology lasted three days, the major shopping malls in Beijing conducted an experience, the results are surprising. Under the line through a variety of means to resist sweep code, and Taobao has said it has found a new way to break through.


reporter was expelled as a clerk to scan the code

reporter Bingfenlianglu, were selected including lotus, Carrefour, Watsons, MerryMart, each brand clothing stores, large and medium-sized electrical appliances, Gome and roadside canteen, scanning category including daily necessities (daily chemical products, department stores, clothing life) bags, household appliances, food and books 3C. Finally, a total of 184 items were scanned.


and the reporter had expected the number far, because and scanning so smoothly as expected.

in a supermarket scanning, a shopping guide asked reporters is scanning the barcode, insists that the reporter is in the guide our price, check the reporter mobile phone in the dispute, guide called the security personnel, the reporter will be expelled from the supermarket.

in the size of the store and other stores scan code has also been a similar situation, because of the fear of competitors sent to steal the price information, line store shopping guide staff is very sensitive to the scan code, scan the code in the large and medium-sized electrical appliances, said the reporter is in line with the university tutor arrangement topic, search and scan the barcode. The initiative requires a scan in cooperation with the staff, but in only two of the goods after scanning, it was told that the prohibition of scanning, and will lead to large appliances regional reporter. The area of large household appliances and no bar code can be swept.


bar code for commodity and price are usually in the same label, super staff is difficult to distinguish the customer is in the photo or scan code, but to ban such acts, and the commissary clerk attitude is more severe, the reporter only in the lotus and Carrefour and a few large supermarkets, shopping guide staff less smooth container scanning the barcode.

"how I felt like a thief." Peer reporter. In the scanning way, the scanning process of the reporter was interrupted several times and asked to produce mobile phone view photos, for the general customers, the process of scanning is enough "dangerous", price is out of the question.

online and offline play cat and mouse game clothing 3C The whole army was wiped out.

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