On the altar of the boom of social marketing you do not want to play can play


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social marketing in recent years was shown on the altar, a miraculous case for all Yueyueyishi, then take out a bunch of institutions and experts do micro marketing.

basically has three states:


formalism think to open a micro-blog open a WeChat Everything will be fine. (as many vast stars in the sky),

make a call of a fire and no sound (experience lesson),

has become a strong example of the classic case (such as who, who, who, who who)

nonsense not say, there are some humble opinion, sum up, social marketing, you have the following characteristics of


tell a story,


one of the herd mentality leads to holding high low on the existence of this phenomenon, Huang Taiji put the fruit pancake sold tens of millions of market capitalization, the moment is overwhelming praise of the founder, product marketing analysis of Huang Taiji Internet thinking. This has become a classic case of social marketing, so some people think the hamburger, a variety of traditional China delicacy so the package so sold, will not succeed. The answer is, no! Huang Taiji has only one, and he has only one.

knowledge of a wide range of miscellaneous and laid the foundation for his fans to be able to be sought after, just imagine how a boring person may cause a lot of fans attention;

, the Internet advertising experience, he is in the super fuel competition with the traditional fast food industry, the connotation of the brand advertising thinking packaging products, this product is already far beyond the scope of filling pancake fruit. The Internet experience, he is well versed in various kinds of Internet marketing channels, coupled with the industry in its human resources, and to create the Internet on traditional industries entrepreneurial star;

however, these alone, not enough to push Huang Taiji to tens of millions of valuation, in my opinion, he is the most powerful story. He recently attended a number of Internet and other industries to share the experience of the Yellow Emperor’s marketing experience, people are doing PR. I did not come into contact with Chang himself, only read some of his speech draft, which is an excellent speaker, the story of the pancake fruit is very attractive.

and pushed Huang Taiji on such a high level of power, it is his ability to incite strong storytelling. The content of resonate with the audience full of excitement. micro-blog micro channel show, hey, I listen to the lectures in the field of founder Huang Taiji, died Niubi, come to envy me! No wonder to the scene of the people ah, what was said so interesting? And when speech shorthand release is issued, will cause a time be brutal and inhuman onlookers and forwarding. So social marketing began.

back to its source, if it is a dry.

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