Detailed LETV reached four K smart TV HuaLiLi trader way

detailed operation gimmick reached four K smart TV LETV HuaLiLi

is now the age of the Internet, if you want to sell their products, the most successful only one way, that is to let your product fire up, let the China people know, then playing a price war, then your sales will rise Speechless lambi. LETV knows the truth, LETV reached four thousand smart TV this action is the perfect interpretation of the theory.



9 released in Beijing the most important annual product, the 50 inch 4K TV again with low impact on the market of 2999 yuan, with zero gross profit for the said LETV aspect will force the traditional manufacturers to consumers none 30 billion yuan. But as the music itself can be a great success in this potential market, the supply chain management is still the key point.

if the release of the news alone, although some attractive, because there is a low price, now want to buy 50 inch TV, or very willing to buy. If only this and with it, so the music player is not up to even pass the line. Just as you said before, make sure that it’s a fire, like a fire from the stars. To let rural old lady know music as television reached four thousand. How can fire is a key.

if the past old trick, please star, micro-blog, WeChat, etc. to the forum messages, it is need to spend a lot of money, since Taobao and Jingdong have done several times against, these are known to engage in marketing. There is a way to save money, is to make their products in the match, against fire, and to pay the cost, only need to give a few columnists some money, let him try to do their own work. The provisions of Lee to say LETV reached four K smart TV is big Hui Quartet thing. Let Wang said music as the behavior is cheating. Acting. There are pictures and the truth, we come together to enjoy the next


provides such a yell things not yet, have caused people’s interaction. Look at the answers of these comrades


the last palace stage is similar to millet hunger marketing, no matter who it is united, and then make a panic buying activity, and then forwarded a gift, Bo, or a letter and @ under LETV, will have the opportunity to get a certain gift. The final result is that each of them to complete their own task, it should be a small hand shake money 50 fen. Music is really happy. Consumers really get benefits. To the satisfaction of all.

conclusion: watching music as a result of this operation, I really feel in the eyes of the Three Kingdoms, with three of the strategy can be fully understood through the. Get its essence, so here to want to learn marketing, management of the students to wake up, the real marketing experts, all around us, in these

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