Tanabata Valentine’s day how to do a good job to guide the introduction of links to promote the site

The Qixi Festival

for Valentine’s day, Zhuge Nobel has been vulnerable, never had, do not know what is in this holiday, for the website optimization friends, whether also like me, do not care about how much time? Those awful chrysanthemum tight had gone for ever, so on Valentine’s Day sing no lover’s songs of a group of people in a person’s Lonely carnival is a lonely brain like unspeakable pain.

today is the traditional Tanabata Valentine’s day. Once a year in real young couples over two of the world’s holiday, those young age that is our most precious memories. So in the school that will look forward to the love of friends can finally show the witness of love. Today there is not much to say about memories and sad things, to do SEO optimization friends, for many individual owners or operators who do website during the holidays is an opportunity, using the festival to promote your web site. Or simply do some activities to promote their own website. Can be twice the result with half the effort, just like the supermarket to do promotional activities. Following Zhuge Nobel as Shenzhen SEO it is necessary to optimize the knowledge sharing under dry cargo. Why do you promote your website on holidays? Here’s a look at the Baidu Valentine’s Day index:


just a week. Valentine’s Day related search volume turned over 4 times, is estimated to be up to 5 times tonight. It is not difficult to see these words together to play channeling, Valentine’s day for the words derived from the keywords rose very rapidly: Valentine’s Day date, the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day, Valentine’s Day greetings, how Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day to send what……


well, Zhuge Nobel just has the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day to do a demonstration, over time the Mid Autumn Festival, now many webmaster have started selling moon cake net layout, so every year many important festivals, so businesses will use day to promote their products. A few days ago, the 3 major electricity supplier price war is a staged. The inventory consumption finally almost, although some can still cheap, of course, earning large quantities of gold each day webmaster friends, can not miss this good money almost. So how to do a good job in the promotion of the site? How to use the festival to make your site traffic soared. Through the introduction of effective flow of the site to promote the increase in turnover, improve the conversion rate of the site, but the use of good hype can really make your site short-term traffic soared. The following Shenzhen SEO Zhuge on a simple analysis of some personal ideas:

first step: do holiday data collection preparation work

this is necessary, not fully prepared to see the effect in the short term. For example: your site is a blessing language website, since it is Tanabata Valentine’s day, Valentine’s Day holiday, in advance will be relatively readable readability of the article, or SMS blessing. So we can get some special topics to reinforce the importance of these keywords. So be prepared early, most

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