Ask you to set the 404 page of the page as a mourning page

today, the size of the site is gray. For those of us who are suffering. In addition to the station becomes gray, in fact, we can do more, such as the 404 page page mourning, at the same time, marked on the page: this time, what we can do, such as donations, such as praying, with links to

demo effect:


with 404 page slogan, together with fellow silence:

God bless China, China!

when you enter this page, please don’t be surprised!

it’s not your fault, it’s not our fault.

is God, in the blink of an eye

let our fellow,

suffered a catastrophe!

poet Ai Qing said:

why my eyes are always in tears

because I love this land!

it’s not a show,

please let us…

mourn for those suffering compatriots!

          earthquake ruthless, webmasters exchange

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