WeChat is the export of O2O How to spread the classified information



[Abstract] the author @sbumblebee as we assume that there is a vast Internet throughout the clues, is in the development of Internet application, can occasionally scattered throughout the innovation will be in series, can be clearly judged on innovation in the future, a glimpse of the true appearance.

to learn more about the assumptions, first understand some simple questions, and look at the future of WeChat.

users to create information and dissemination channels through the dissemination of information to the needs of Internet users. This is the Internet most companies are doing or ready to do, we will release, information, channels, to receive these links to do some explanation.

we want to solve who will be released, through what hard software, what content to publish, and to whom to see?

issued the content diversification, closer to reality and the Internet social distance, publishing mode expansion, through the mobile phone, watches, glasses, household appliances, the society and the further integration of Internet client is in addition to the hardware as a social reality into another Internet entrance.

we communicate in a way that is right for a person and for the public:

one on one: there are acquaintances to strangers

one to many: there is a group or unknown to the public.

how to find the needs of users, and according to different needs to classify information?

understanding of the information, the need for three-dimensional thinking. Diversity, we are lost in the ocean of information. The same information ambiguity, different people, different time, place, context, context and its significance are quite different. Property rights, users can obtain substantial benefits through the property rights of information. How to solve the information diversity and ambiguity is the main index to evaluate the efficiency of the communication channels, communication channels are the core competitiveness. At the same time to solve these two problems is the general platform to do, usually starting from information ambiguity, according to specific situation of information distribution.

strange friends, according to the location and keyword user information will be distributed to the user at the meaning of tacit information to each other, although the user information in the normal time not what looks different. LBS is based on the location of information distribution in different industries of LBS information distribution, its meaning and commercial value will also change, of course, the method of distribution can be through the channel broadcast, the chain, the search engine below, this will have different types of products.

through what way (channel) will be classified information dissemination spread?

The main characteristic of

broadcast communication is one-way, other features can be derived from this point, one-way communication, the audience has no right to speak can only passively receive information, in a weak position

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