Marketing planning from the perspective of marketing

The most simple

website is what is? According to the customer’s own opinions and suggestions are integrated, then develop a taste of the program, this is the easiest, simplest and most effective planning.

in the marketing process, the target consumer in the center position. In view of this, our customers to do the target consumers should be their customers, that is, the third party, rather than the customer itself, that is, the second party. Our client’s website should be given to their customers or suppliers, distributors. We do in the seamless pipe manufacturers ( website, providing information through the client, and the communication between the station planning, planning directly determine the success of the customer’s profit. Therefore, the center of the site planning should be the target consumer, rather than the customer itself. This principle is OK, everything is simple, we should study the target customer groups.

site planning is so simple, but implementation will be very difficult, sometimes we need to spend considerable effort to communicate with customers, and on the popularity of network marketing course, only the customer to understand network marketing correctly, can really make the site plan truly conforms to the interests of customers, and not let customers can not accept. Most of the network company to do the site planning case is acceptable to customers, but it does not meet the interests of customers. Adhere to the principle of truth and say simple, but are adhered to and truly do have several? Jieshi have had too many such cases spread in the process of customer service, but we always adhere to the interests of customers first, rather than the interests of the principle of the supremacy of Jieshi communication, finally let problems been solved, and obtain customer respect and understanding. For example, although the page is simple, but in doing a long-term planning. Planning is a very important part of the indispensable.

if you insist on the supremacy of their own interests, as long as the customer’s intention to do so that the program can make a satisfactory, but this is not really a site planning.

really good site planning is so difficult.

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